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As a leading leisure car rental company to the USA, we've teamed up with Brit's Guide to offer you 10% off our great value prices - for any car type! Plus you can enjoy free additional drivers on all rentals, which could save you over £50 per person on a 2 week rental!

Our Fully Inclusive rates cover everything you'll need for peace of mind, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Brit's Guide Reader rates include:

  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Liability Protection (LP) ($1 million liability coverage)
  • State/local taxes
  • State/local surcharges
  • Airport fees
  • 10% Discount
  • Free additional Drivers

Free additional driver offer valid on all car types and any length of rental. Additional drivers must be aged 25 or over. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Standard terms and conditions apply. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice. Please contact Alamo for more details. You may be requested to present your copy of the Brit Guide in order to qualify for your rental at time of pick up.