Off the Piste and on the Road

Rental statistics from Alamo show that car rental for skiing holidays is proving as popular as ever, despite the slump in other parts of the holiday industry. But it's all too easy to forget how quickly weather can change and terrain can become treacherous in snowy conditions. Alamo has therefore produced its top tips* on selecting the right car before heading for the piste.

The chief concern for avid skiers is getting the right car for the weather conditions, which can change rapidly. Alamo's main rental locations across France offer 'winterised cars' packages, which include snow tyres, snow chains and a ski rack. In addition, renters also need to bear in mind the room required to accommodate luggage and ski equipment, which is why Alamo always recommend pre-booking to guarantee the size of car needed for the trip.

"Whether you are a first time skier, or head for the slopes every year, there are still crucial things to think about when choosing your hire car," comments Sally Hinds, Marketing Director for Alamo. "Due to the unpredictability of winter weather conditions it is always advisable to carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies. Also, take a note of our 24 hour emergency service number and if you are using snow chains, make sure you can fit them properly. With Alamo's range of quality vehicles and expert service, holidaymakers can be sure of a stress free car rental experience."

  • You will need more room for luggage and skis so make sure you have the right size car
  • Consider hiring a vehicle with traction control for driving on slippery surfaces
  • If using snow chains practise putting them and make sure they fit properly. Also, check with your rental location their policy on the use of snow chains · Remember ski racks are designed to carry skis and will not carry snow boards
  • Do not follow the vehicle in front too closely in case you need to brake suddenly, as black ice is always difficult to detect
  • All Alamo vehicles are supplied with windscreen scrapers and snow brushes. It is always advisable to brush off snow from the entire car before driving it!
  • Make sure someone knows your travel plans
  • In case of breakdown call the 24 hour telephone line · It is always good to carry emergency supplies
  • Don't forget to top up your winter windscreen washer fluid · Check out the 'winterised car' packages for good value
  • Drive carefully!