British Holiday Makers Feel Confident Driving Abroad Alamo Survey Reveals

Following a report from the University of Granada in Spain, stating that Britons abroad are the most dangerous drivers, Alamo Rent A Car has surveyed its customers to find out what they think about driving overseas. Alamo's survey revealed that the British are confident on foreign roads, with 60% finding driving abroad 'easy' and less than 3% say it was 'difficult and wouldn't want to do it again'. But worryingly only 35% checked the road rules and regulations of the country they visited before they left home.

Map reading was voted the most stressful aspect of driving abroad (36%) with almost 60% admitting to getting lost. Keeping the children happy and understanding the road signs were regarded as equally stressful - with 23% of votes for each.

The USA was the favourite destination for foreign driving, with 55% naming it as the most enjoyable country to drive in. Australia and South Africa come second and third in the poll respectively, confirming that British drivers appreciate driving in countries which mirror the UK and also drive on the left.

Sally Hinds, European Marketing Director of Alamo Rent A Car comments, "Our survey shows that while the British enjoy driving abroad, less than half check the driving regulations and restrictions for the country they are travelling in. This is one of the most important aspect of foreign motoring. Road rules differ greatly between countries, for instance in Italy eating and drinking at the wheel is illegal.

"We urge people to ensure they have all the relevant driving information they need before they leave home and if they are unsure of anything they should check with our staff when they pick up the car. Simple preparation will help ensure an enjoyable and stress free holiday. "