ANC Rental Corporation to Unite Alamo and National Brands at 72 Airport Locations in the USA

ANC Rental Corporation has announced its plans to unite the Alamo and National brands at 72 airport locations across the USA The development is part of the group's Fast Forward consolidation programme, created to enable the company to re-take its leadership position in the rental industry and enhance its customer service capabilities.

Cincinnati was the first test' location to combine the power of both the Alamo and National brands on one site. Dual branded sites are now in operation at 42 US airports including Manhattan, Aspen, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Chicago Downtown, with a further 30 scheduled to open by end of 2002, further expanding Alamo's coverage.

Sally Hinds, ANC's Leisure Marketing Director said: –By bringing the two brands together, the group will be able to capitalise on the significant synergy between Alamo/National operations and focus on providing the high level of service and satisfaction which its customers have come to value and expect.

The consolidation will allow individual brand qualities to continue. Whilst each brand remains distinct – with the Alamo brand continuing to focus on the leisure customer - the move ensures that customers using consolidated locations can benefit from greater availability, a better selection of vehicles and a more frequent bus service. The recent purchase of 50,000 new cars means the company has one of the newest fleet in the industry.

This dual branding strategy will not only benefit the customer, but will also bring cost benefits to the group with respect to lower airport fees and reduced overheads, helping the group to become more efficient and competitive in today's vastly changed economic and travel landscape.

Most importantly it will enable the company to capture a substantial proportion of the highly competitive US rental market where it currently has lead market share in Orlando, Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to Fast Forward, the company is migrating to a single IT platform for the first time. This will bring great cost-savings through improved efficiencies.

Sally Hinds concludes: –The reorganisation of the business has been highly successful. Feedback from customers and agents has been very positive and we are firmly on the road to recovery. No-one should doubt our commitment to the travel industry and to making the UK traveller's car rental experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. –