More People Would Prefer to Go on Holiday with their Boss than with a Member of their Family, According to survey from

A survey conducted by, the leisure car rental website, has revealed that holidaymakers would rather not keep it in the family when choosing a holiday companion. When asked who would be their worst travel partner, 44% of Alamo's customers said a family member, compared to only 35% who said their boss and 9% who said their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. (See attached table)

UK travellers are also pretty resilient, with only 20% saying the global situation had deterred them from booking a holiday abroad this year. Although booking through a travel agent is still the preferred route, 41% had booked a holiday on the Internet, reflecting the increasing popularity of shopping online.

The most important aspect of a holiday is the weather according to 27% of those surveyed, closely followed by no work at 25%. The ideal short break is only a 2-hour flight away according to 44% of those asked and their ideal travel partner would be a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend (66%).

Sally Hinds, Marketing Director for Alamo, comments, "The Internet is a great resource for people who want to take advantage of late deals or those who have a taste for adventure and want to create their own holiday package. We found that 62% of people had researched hotels and prices online, even if they didn't subsequently book online."

" offers UK travellers a world of opportunity, plus a whole host of useful information to help them find their chosen destination, travel safely and enjoy their trip. Travellers can take advantage of a combination of competitive, fully inclusive rates and the reassurance of quality vehicle rental from a global brand."

Worst Travel Partner
Family Member 44%
Boss/Colleague 35%
Ex -partner 9%
Friend 7%
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse 5%
Ideal Travel Partner
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse 66%
Friend 25%
Family Member 9%
Boss/Colleague 0%
Ex-partner 0%
Most Important Aspect of a Holiday
Weather 27%
No Work 25%
Sights 22%
Change of Scene 17%
Beaches 9%
How far would you travel for a short break
2hrs or less 44%
3hrs 29%
4hrs 14%
5hrs 8%
6hrs or more 7%
How far in advance would you book your holiday
6-12 months 36%
3-6 months 20%
1-3 months 23%
Less then a month before departure 21%
Less then a month before departure 21%

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