Alamo customers name their top US DREAM DRIVES'

From the wide, open spaces of the Mojave desert to the hills of San Francisco, Alamo Rent A Car customers have named their top US dream drive' destinations in a survey conducted by the US vehicle rental specialist.

–An open-top car goes with the wide open spaces and cinematic scenery of the States like Thelma and Louise. Said Dawn Clayton, Leisure Marketing Manager for Alamo. –And this survey just proves the huge diversity in driving experiences customers can enjoy when they visit the US. With over 200 locations and a wide range of rental cars, including convertibles and SUVs we have a service to suit every taste, every budget and every dream drive.

Alamo Customers' Top US Dream Drives
1. Driving through Monument Valley
2. Cruising through the Everglades on 175/US41
3. Coming across the spectacular scenery down the Pacific Coast Highway from Monetery to Morro Bay in California
4. Driving the Going to the Sun' road in Glacier National Park, Montana
5. Travelling the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the US
6. Coasting through the Mojave desert with a full moon
7. Driving over the Hoover Dam and around a part of the Grand Canyon
8. Crossing the Beartooth pass in Montana/Wyoming
9. Travelling over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco then viewing the bridge and the city from Marin Headland
10. Crossing over the Skyway Bridge coming from Tampa to Anna Maria Island

Alamo also offers its top tips' for driving in the US to ensure travel adventures have a happy ending.

Tips for Safe Driving in the US

• Each state has its own set of traffic laws and regulations. Ask the rental agent if there are any particular ones that are worth considering.

• U-turns are prohibited in built up areas where a single or double solid line runs down the middle of the road.

• Drivers are required to stop in both directions for a school bus with flashing lights. This is strictly enforced in all states.

• The requirements for renting an Alamo car in the US are as follows; Driving license, and if your license does not include your home address this must be also given on a separate piece of paper. You need the address and telephone number of your accommodation in the US, along with your passport and return airline ticket.

• The speed limit in the US is usually 65 mph, except where signs indicate lower speeds.

• The speed limit around primary schools in the US is 15 mph when the warning lights are flashing.

• Motorists who revisit to extend their stay at a parking space can be fined as this counts as –feeding the meter which is an offence in many states.

• It is illegal for motorists to park within ten feet of a fire hydrant or a section of lowered kerbside.

Dawn Clayton continues: –We are proud of our American roots at Alamo, and we want to show our customers what a breathtaking place the US can be. The only way to see the glorious scenery of the US is from the driving seat of an Alamo rental car.