Italy Important Information

Key Facts About Your Rental

This is a summary of the key facts you should know when hiring a vehicle, which will help you understand what will be included in your rental agreement.
The rental agreement will be entered into at the time and place of vehicle hire between you and our affiliate or franchisee of the Alamo Rent A Car/National Car Rental brand that operates the branch location (referred to as “the Rental Company”). You should always read your rental agreement in full before signing it. You can view the rental agreement in your renting country at the time of your rental pickup.
Unless you purchase a waiver or protection product or one is included in your reservation as specified above, you are responsible to the Rental Company for theft or any damage to the vehicle during the full period of your vehicle hire. This is true even if the accident was not your fault. You are liable for loss of revenue if the vehicle cannot be rented because it is damaged or stolen, a reasonable claims administration fee, diminishment of value, and for any towing, storage or impound fees of the vehicle. Unless third-party liability protection is included in your rental as provided below or is purchased by you, you are also responsible for injury or damages to third parties.
Please note your liability for damage extends until the vehicle is checked in by the Rental Company. Unless otherwise provided in the rental agreement, if you return the vehicle after the Rental Companies business hours, you will remain responsible for any damage or loss in accordance with the rental agreement until the Rental Company reopens and conducts the post-rental inspection.

Your rental agreement will include the following protection products:

Collision Damage Waiver
Damage Waiver reduces the costs associated with damage of the vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. An excess amount related to each car category applies. CDW daily rates are 35 EUR or less and excess ranges are 1750 EUR or less depending on car category. In cases of driver negligence or in violation of applicable laws, road regulations of the country where the vehicle is being driven CDW coverage is invalid. In these cases, the renter will incur the entire financial loss suffered by the Lessor.

Theft Protection
Theft Protection reduces the renters financial liability in the event of the vehicles theft or fire. In all cases of total or partial theft the customer must contact local police and give a copy of the police report to Locauto nearest location. In any case, TP is without effect when negligence or violation of the applicable laws and/or road regulation of the country in which the vehicle is driven happen. In these cases, the renter will pay the whole financial loss suffered by the Lessor.

CAMPANIA AND PUGLIA REGIONS – (Naples, Bari and Brindisi). In the event of theft or fire occurring in the Italian regions of Campania and Puglia, regardless of the location where the rental has started, the Theft Protection excess is double. Moreover any zero excess coverage is limited to 50% of the excess, and in these cases the financial responsibility of the Renter won’t be less than € 1250.

You have the following optional protection products available for an additional charge:

Zero Excess Protection
Zero Excess Protection ZEP removes the excess charged to the customer for damage caused to the body of the rental vehicle but only on condition of non negligence or violation of the applicable laws or in case of violation of the road regulation of the country in which the vehicle is driven. In cases of driver negligence or violations the Renter will be liable for the entire financial loss suffered by the Lessor. In the event of theft or fire within the Italian regions of Campania and Puglia (regardless of the location where the rental originated), the above-mentioned zero extended protection covers the renter up to a limit of 50% of the excess, with a minimum excess applicable of € 1250. In any case, ZEP does not cover damages caused to the roof, rims, wheel covers, tyres, lights, crystals, interiors and underbody of the vehicle, extreme weather events, natural disasters and riots.

Super Zero Excess Protection
Super Zero Excess Protection when purchased at the counter in addition to ZEP removes renter financial liability for damages to lights, crystals, tyres, rims, wheels, wheel covers, roof and underbody of the car, and/or damages caused by atmospheric events. Damages caused to the interior and/or by natural disasters and/or riots are not covered by SZEP or ZEP. Super ZEP can be purchased only in addition to ZEP.

In any case, ZEP coverage and SZEP coverage will not cover the renter in cases of driver negligence or violation of the applicable laws and/or road regulations of the country in which the vehicle is driven. In these cases, the renter will incur the entire financial loss suffered by Alamo/National/Enterprise company.

Protection Against Injuries
Protection Against Injuries (PAI) covers the driver in case of injuries or death up to a maximum of € 100,000, health care costs and transfer to a hospital up to a maximum of € 10,000, a daily indemnity for hospitalization up to a maximum of € 100 per day (maximum applicable 360 days) and a daily indemnity for cast up to a maximum of € 100 per day (maximum applicable 100 days). These daily indemnities are not cumulative. The PAI also compensates for any costs of repatriation of the body up to a maximum of € 5,000. PAI only covers the renter in the case of an accident/event when inside the rental vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Protection
Alamo/National/Enterprise Rental locations do not provide direct Roadside Assistance to the customer. This service is handled by an Italian Roadside Assistance Company (Aci Global) on behalf of the Alamo/National/Enterprise. This service is available 24/7. Free toll assistance number (only from Italy) 800020670. International assistance number +39 0266165125. Roadside Assistance is provided with the rental in case of mechanical breakdown not due to driver negligence or wilful misconduct. Customers have the option to purchase Roadside Plus which includes free towage in case of accident. Roadside Plus is available for an additional charge of 2.00 EUR per day plus Airport or Railway fees. With both Roadside Assistance and Roadside Plus the customer would be responsible for the cost of the towing if breakdown or accident was a result of driver negligence or wilful misconduct.

Your rental agreement will include the following equipment products:

On most of the Italian road network at certain times there may be an obligation to drive with winter equipment such as snow chains on board or winter tires. This obligation applies regardless of the current weather conditions. Before you pick-up your car please check if your travel route is subject to this regulation (see for more information). In the rental stations of Pisa, Florence, Genoa, Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Verona, Conegliano, Treviso, Venice, Trieste and Bologna for rentals commencing from the 15th November until the 15th April snow chains are included in your rental price. For your safety, Snow Chains are also available on request at other times of the year and at other Italian locations at an additional cost. Vehicles equipped with winter tires may be available locally at an additional fee (please enquire at the time of rental).

You have the following optional equipment products available for an additional charge:

Child Safety Seat(£ 46.49 / rental)
GPS(£ 7.23 / day)
Snow Chains(£ 4.65 / day)

Your rental will be subject to the following minimum requirements:

Age requirements
Mini through Economy car groups (MDMR and EDMR) are available for 19 years old renters.
Compact, Intermediate , Convertible and Economy Special car groups (CDMR, CWMR, IDAR, IDMR, ETMR and EXMR) are available for 21 years old renters.
Fullsize vans and Standard car groups (FVMR, SWAR and SWMR) are available for 25 years old renters.
Luxury car groups (LWAR) are restricted to 27 years old or older.

A young drivers fee of 22.00 EUR excluding VAT and airport/railway fees (where applicable) apply to 19-21 years old renters.
A young drivers fee of 11.00 EUR excluding VAT and airport/railway fees (where applicable) apply to 22-24 years old renters.

Young Drivers fee does not apply for Renters aged 25 years or older. On completion of the booking, it is recommended to carefully check the local Terms and Conditions.

Forms of Payment
Credit cards accepted - American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club.

All major credit cards are acceptable as well as vouchers. Debit cards and cash are not accepted. Deposit: All customers are required to place a deposit taken in the form of a credit card imprint. Deposit is based on the theft excess amount and 100 EUR for fuel (this amount increases when optional extras are purchased locally). Purchasing the ZEP coverage will result in a lower deposit. The deposit ranges from 1100 to 2600 EUR depending on vehicle class without ZEP coverage and 450 to 950 EUR with ZEP coverage.

Renter Requirement
DRIVING LICENSE REQUIREMENTS. A valid driving license held for a minimum of one year is mandatory. The driving license must be valid for international use; otherwise the national license must be fully translated by an embassy or by an equivalent authority and must be readable in Latin characters. The photo is mandatory and must be accompanied by a document of identity, always readable in Latin characters, where the home address is indicated. The national license, the translation and the passport must be under the same name and must be produced at the same time.

For some car groups (such as special cars with automatic transmission, premium, luxury or minivan) the renter is required to present a second credit card. In this case one of the two credit cards will have to belong to one of the following credit card companies: American Express, Diners or VISA Gold.

CUSTOMER QUALIFICATION. In the event that the customer does not have the proper requirements for qualification, including in particular: 1.Does not have a credit card in his name 2. Provides a credit card to guarantee an Electron card, a debit card and/or rechargeable 3. The credit card does not cover the deposit and the cost of any additional services 4. Is not in possession of a valid driving license for at least one year 5. Does not have a valid driver's license for international use (for foreign citizens) 6. Is less than 19 years (the minimum age for driving) or has booked a car group not compliant with the company rental age policy. 7. Is more than 75 years 8. Refuses to provide address and availability details 9. Refuses to provide home's address and e-mail address NO REFUND WILL BE DUE ON THE BOOKING; eventual prepaid amounts will be retained as penalties. Alamo/National/Enterprise always reserves the right - at its sole discretion - to ask for a second credit card or to decline the rental when the guarantees offered by the customer are not considered sufficient, or any other major issues make him not eligible for rental.

Your rental will be subject to the following additional rental policies:

After Hours Service
Varies by location, please check if required

Cross Boarder Policy
Renter is allowed to drive the vehicle only in the countries included in the following list: Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, France, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, The Principality of Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia. In case of tolls/traffic fines, an administrative charge may apply.

Mileage Policy
Mileage charges if applicable will be quoted in the Rental Summary at time of booking

Fuel Policy
You will be required to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel provided, pre purchased fuel options maybe available. Please ask on arrival if required

Additional Driver
Rental conditions apply to all additional drivers. An additional driver surcharge is applicable to each additional driver at a rate of €5.00 per day excl of VAT and airport/railway fees (where applicable)

You will be responsible for the following additional charges or liabilities if incurred:

  • Additional rental charges for changes you make to the booked rental vehicle, rental period or optional products
  • Damages, theft or third-party liabilities not covered by a protection product
  • Any fines or penalty charges relating to the operation of the vehicle during your rental period, such as parking or speeding fines, plus reasonable administration charges
  • Rental charges for late returns
  • Any legal fees incurred collecting any payments due under the terms of the rental agreement
  • A reasonable collection fee if a vehicle is not returned to the original rental office
  • The cost of cleaning the vehicle if you return the vehicle in a dirty condition
When you complete the rental agreement you will be required to present a valid credit or debit card as security for any charges incurred during your rental. Your signature on the rental agreement will pre-authorise the Rental Company to charge the card for future payments that become due. The Rental Company may also hold a deposit against these future liabilities. In the country of your rental the deposit amount varies.

Your rental is subject to local traffic laws.