80 Years of Drive-In Theatre

The 6th June marks the day when Richard Hollingshead opened the first ever drive-in theatre in Camden, New Jersey back in 1933. This unique outdoor cinema was less about the movie and more about the experience. Hollingshead created something special, a fun family outing to a romantic date for two.

Even though the first ever drive-in didn’t last long, Hollingshead created a concept that has been enjoyed for 80 years. By the late ’50s the total number of outdoor theatres was at its peak in with more than 4000 drive-ins bringing in $230.42 million.

However 80 years on there are now only a mere 357 drive-ins operating in America. Though it is a fragile business we are proud to be celebrating 80 years of drive-in theatre as people still continue to enjoy the atmosphere, nostalgia and comfort of watching movies in the comfort of their own car. If you’re travelling to the US then why not hire a car and drive down to a Drive-In Theatre and experience outdoor cinema while you still can.

Take a look at the history of the drive-in and celebrate its extraordinary 80 year journey. Use the embed code below and keep drive-in theatre alive!

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