Five things you never knew about Fort Lauderdale

Mar 18 2014

Up against Orlando or Miami, you’d think that Fort Lauderdale’s tourist board would have an near-impossible job on their hands. But no, this former party mecca for stressed-out college kids has cleaned up its act and seen its popularity with families and couples surge. Officials tightened up drinking laws in the 1980s and regeneration followed in the early 2000s, transforming the city’s landscape for the better. Multi-million dollar downtown properties sprung up and the high rollers moved in.

Fort Lauderdale

Today, Fort Lauderdale is characteristic of the Sunshine State, with 23 miles of exceptional beaches, five-star resorts, luxury shopping, glamorous nightlife and a remarkably good year-round climate. So far, so Florida. But what gives Fort Lauderdale its edge?

How an Everglades road trip will change your mind about Florida

Jan 24 2014

Miami: an ice-cream metropolis lit by neon and the headlights of flamboyant super cars. That’s why we love it. But sometimes it does you good to get out of the city for a while. Over two days, immerse yourself in the organic beauty of the Florida wetlands. Welcome to the third in our series of Great American road trips: the Everglades.

Road trip


Halloween is coming: Explore the scarier side of Florida this October

Oct 7 2013

You’d be forgiven for thinking that October is low season for the town-sized theme park complexes that cluster around Tampa and Orlando. Not a chance! The region may be mobbed over the summer holidays, but October is home to some of its own tourism gold: Halloween.


Extravagantly-themed events will take place across Florida throughout October, suitable for spectators ranging from ‘total scaredy-cat’ to ‘seasoned horror enthusiast.’ Most stay open late into the evening, giving punters a unique chance to experience their favourite theme parks by night.

With all of the major amusement parks competing for your attention, we take a look at five that are worth your hard-earned dollars. (more…)