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Uruguay Car Hire

Renting an Alamo hire car to pick up in Uruguay is hassle-free, and you have the opportunity to select a model to meet you and your family or party's needs. It's the most convenient and economical way to travel while you are enjoying your holiday.

With an excellent standard of living and human rights record - and a reputation for inclusivity - Uruguay, despite its small size, is one of the most economically successful nations in South America. The country has good infrastructure and is welcoming to everybody; what may come as a surprise is the fact that huge areas of Uruguay remain uninhabited. Along with a rich cultural scene in the cities the country has many natural wonders, so when visiting Uruguay, car hire should be high on the agenda.

Places to go

Some visitors like to lose themselves in the vast uplands of the Uruguayan interior, where citrus orchards scent the breeze. For others, the only way to go is along the coast road, which combines beautiful views with good driving conditions and the option of stopping wherever you want. Charming little seaside towns dot the area and the beaches are ideal places to stretch out and relax after a few hours in the car.

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