Aruba Car Hire

California Lighthouse on Aruba island

Renting an Alamo hire car to pick up in Aruba is hassle-free, and you have the opportunity to select a model to meet you and your family or party's needs. It's the most convenient and economical way to travel while you are enjoying your holiday.

A Caribbean island with a consistently warm climate and virtually no hurricanes, Aruba is understandably popular, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. It's family friendly; it has one of the world's best beaches and is especially popular with honeymooners. To get around in between and beyond the towns in Aruba, car hire is essential, but it's well worth doing some driving to have the freedom of the island and be able to seek out secluded spots.

Key locations

The vast majority of visitors arrive in Aruba at Queen Beatrix International Airport, but there are also ports at Barcadera and Playa, where you can arrange your car hire. The capital, Oranjestad (also known locally as Playa), is a favourite spot for tourists, with its blend of Dutch colonial architecture and distinctly Caribbean design, giving it a character that is all its own. The largest hotels are based here but you'll find more along the southern and western coasts where you'll also find the best beaches.

Drive up to the northern part of the island and you'll find rugged hills and wild waves battering the shore in one of the most unspoiled parts of the Caribbean. This coast was once home to a natural limestone bridge that remains an impressive sight, even though it crashed onto the sand in 2005.

Driving on Aruba

Aruba is renowned as a place where driving is easy because there is so little traffic, even in urban areas. Car rental in Aruba is straight forward to arrange and though most vehicles are small, they're well suited to old, narrow streets. Arubans drive on the right hand side of the road but turning right at a red light, as in the US, is not allowed. Other than that, the rules are simple. Drivers should be aware, however, that the quality of local maps is quite variable and some roads are not well marked, so try to use signs and landmarks when navigating instead of counting turns. The island is too small for you to really get lost, local drivers are friendly, and overall you'll find it a relaxing place to drive.

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