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Tallahassee International Airport (TLH)

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Why Hire a Car Direct with Alamo?

Renting an Alamo hire car to pick up in Tallahassee is hassle-free, and you have the opportunity to select a model to meet you and your family or party's needs. It is the most convenient and economical way to travel while you are enjoying your holiday.


Tallahassee Regional Airport, Florida

There is a serenity and grace to this genteel city. Nestling beneath tree-covered roadways and encircled by gentle but majestic hills, Tallahassee - Florida's capital - is one of the most classically southern cities in the whole of the Sunshine State.

If you like the pace of life to be slow and genteel, remaining in the city will be no problem during your stay. But for those who want a little added adventure, hiring a car will offer the perfect solution, giving you the wheels you need to reach out and see the sights, feel the history and revel in the natural delights on offer a little further afield whenever you wish.

Nature buffs will want to capitalise on their hire car by visiting the hauntingly beautiful Lake Ella, a magnificent urban park that's been at the centre of the city's cultural life for over a century. Named after the daughter of a wealthy planter, James Bull, this spring-fed lake features numerous delightful picnic spots and it's a soothing venue for a delightful walk amidst sylvan waters and poignantly moving plaques and plantings commemorating deceased Lake Ella enthusiasts.

Enjoy the full benefits of your hire car with a drive through Leon County's infamous moss- and oak-cloaked canopy roads. The ones to particularly look out for and experience are the Old Bainbridge Road, the Miccosukee Road, the Old St Augustine Road and the Centerville Road. Spend the afternoon cruising through these deliciously lush, leafy tunnels.

Soak up some authentic history with a trip to Mission San Luis, a superbly reconstructed 60-acre site featuring a majestically towering 17th century Council House. The tours on offer will bring to life what life was really like there three centuries ago.

If a little cycling, skating or running action appeals to you, take a look at the lovely Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, with its sixteen miles of flat pavement pointing due south to the port town of St. Marks. Taking a bike or a pair of skates for a spin on this smooth, even track is irresistible, especially as you'll have plenty of shelter from the unforgiving Gulf Coast sun because of the cool canopy of shade afforded by majestic oaks along the route. If you're feeling particularly energetic and adventurous, take a look at the magnificent pine forest and stunning dunes of the 7.5-mile Munson Hills Loop.

Tallahassee's calling you. Come and enjoy it.