Frequent traveller rewards

Whether you're planning a short break, or a longer road trip, here you can find everything<br/>you need to know about hiring a car with Alamo in North America.

Can I earn traveller rewards or flyer miles when renting with Alamo?

Yes, from airlines to hotels, theme parks and many other great companies – you can earn rewards faster when you rent a car in United States or Canada with Alamo and use one of our many excellent travel partners.

Using one of Alamo's valued travel partners can help you get the most out of your rental now and later.

What rewards are available?

There are a wide variety of partners to choose to use with a new or existing reservation and start earning additional rewards, miles or points, or get discounted rates on future rentals.

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Am I able to request miles or point rewards after my rental is completed?

We are only able to process missing mile claims within a year of the rental being completed. Please wait 2 months after your rental has finished before requesting missing miles, our Frequent Flyer team will not be able to submit missing mile requests for rentals that has finished shorter than 2 months from the rental complete date.

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Why choose Alamo Rent A Car?

With great value, service to match and more than 1,500 rental locations at airports and train stations throughout North America's most popular tourist destinations, Alamo Rent A Car is the brand families and holidaymakers trust with their holiday car hire.