Trinidad and Tobago Car Hire

Maracas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Renting an Alamo hire car to pick up on Trinidad and Tobago is hassle-free, and you have the opportunity to select a model to meet you and your family or party's needs. It's the most convenient and economical way to travel while you are enjoying your holiday.

Sitting in clear blue waters just south of Grenada, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are just on the edge of the Caribbean, outside the hurricane belt but still enjoying that hot, sunny climate. The islands are known for their golden sands, brilliantly coloured wildflowers, vibrant culture, and the great sporting opportunities on offer. In Trinidad & Tobago, car hire is the practical choice for getting around, and there is no shortage of things to see and do.

Exploring the islands

Besides the two large islands for which it is named, this country includes the smaller islets of Little Tobago, Gaspar Grande, Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos, and St. Giles Island. Trinidad and Tobago are linked by a ferry service and it is possible to charter a boat to explore the other islands, which provide important wildlife habitats. Many people also go fishing in the warm waters, or dive among the reefs. Bird watching is popular on both islands, and many unusual species can be seen; much of Tobago is given over to wildlife habitat. The island also has two excellent golf courses (you can rent clubs so won't have to take your own).

Trinidad is popular with adventure holiday enthusiasts and you won't need prior experience to have a go at kayaking, caving, or zip-lining in these exciting but relatively safe surroundings. It is also a favourite with music fans, as there are many opportunities to enjoy live music and each spring both major islands participate in a spectacular carnival.

Driving on Trinidad and Tobago

When you arrange your car rental you should be aware that cars can't be moved between the islands, so if you want to drive while visiting both you will need to make separate arrangements. On both the islands drivers use the left hand side of the road. The road networks are mostly in good condition (especially for the region) but there are some potholes.

Whilst Tobago is very safe, you should be cautious about some parts of Trinidad, notably Laventille and the Beetham Highway. If somebody bumps into your car there, don't stop, and try to avoid driving at night. Generally though, you will find local motorists courteous and friendly, and you should have an enjoyable driving experience.

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