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Renting an Alamo hire car to pick up in Mississippi is hassle-free, and you have the opportunity to select a model to meet you and your family or party's needs. It is the most convenient and economical way to travel while you are enjoying your holiday.



An easy way to figure out a trip to sleepy Mississippi is simply to follow the river that gives the state its name. Although the Mississippi river runs through the whole of the United States from north to south, it's here that it really lends a special flavour to a state. You'll find no end of entertainment on the river itself, in the form of floating casinos and even the odd hotel, and there are so many historical towns in the neo-classical style of the antebellum (which means 'pre-war', as in built before the Civil War) that you won't know where to look first.


Mississippi car hire

Mississippi is such a hidden gem that you'll find the only way to travel is in a private car. This way you'll be able to explore at your leisure, and you can go so much further and off the beaten track if you feel like it.

Mississippi's history has been an important one over the years, playing a crucial role in the slave trade, with its cotton plantations, and an equally important one during the 20th century for the Civil Rights Movement. There are some excellent centres of culture in Jackson, the state capital, where you can learn more about the role of this stubbornly Deep South state.

It also played a very strong part in the Civil War, and there are many battlefields to visit, as well as the Military National Park at Vicksburg, and several Indian reservations too. All food for thought, and interesting whether you're old or young.

If you fancy a bit of quiet beach time, there are some lovely areas along the Gulf coast in the farthest south of Mississippi, perfect for long walks to soak up nothing but sand and sea.


Mississippi car rental

Hiring a car is simple and easy at Jackson Municipal Airport, and as soon as you take possession of your wheels, the holiday can begin! Follow the Great River Road upriver for great scenery and to get a real backwoods feel, or chase the Mississippi Blues Trail if you're into live music.

Food and accommodation is really good value, and you'll find your plate heaped high with Deep South taste in the form of southern fried chicken (the original!), barbecued shrimp, and delicious sides. If you love scones, look out for them here too - in Mississippi, they're known as biscuits.

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Why Choose Alamo Rent A Car

Why Choose Alamo Rent A Car

Alamo Rent A Car is an international brand established in 1974. Book online today and you will benefit from:

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