Additional Drivers

Can I add additional drivers to my rental?


Yes, when you hire a car in the United States or Canada with Alamo you can add or remove an additional driver to your rental. There will be a daily rental fee for each additional driver; this fee will vary depending on the location but averages around $12 per day.

Note: State law in California, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, and Wisconsin allow the spouse to be an "Automatic" Authorised Driver as long as age and driving licence qualifications are met. There is no additional fee for the spouse to drive the vehicle in these states.


How to add or remove a driver

Additional drivers can only be added to your rental at a rental location.

If you decide to add or change the drivers during your rental, you must inform your nearest Alamo location. Both the renter and the additional driver must be present at the location.

We will calculate the charges based upon the dates the additional driver was listed on the rental.

All additional drivers must

  • meet age requirements
  • appear at the rental counter with the primary renter
  • present a valid driving licence

An additional daily fee may apply for any additional drivers listed on the rental agreement.

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