Important Information for UK Car Rental


Key Facts About Your Rental

This is a summary of the key facts you should know when hiring a vehicle, which will help you understand what will be included in your rental agreement.

The rental agreement will be entered into at the time and place of vehicle hire between you and our affiliate or franchisee of the Alamo Rent-A-Car brand that operates the branch location (referred to as “the Rental Company”). You should always read your rental agreement in full before signing it. You can view the rental agreement in your renting country at the time of your rental pickup.

Unless you purchase a waiver or protection product or one is included in your reservation as specified above, you are responsible to the Rental Company for theft or any damage to the vehicle during the full period of your vehicle hire. This is true even if the accident was not your fault. You are liable for loss of revenue if the vehicle cannot be rented because it is damaged or stolen, a reasonable claims administration fee, diminishment of value, and for any towing, storage or impound fees of the vehicle. Unless third-party liability protection is included in your rental as provided below or is purchased by you, you are also responsible for injury or damages to third parties.

Please note your liability for damage extends until the vehicle is checked in by the Rental Company. Unless otherwise provided in the rental agreement, if you return the vehicle after the Rental Companies business hours, you will remain responsible for any damage or loss in accordance with the rental agreement until the Rental Company reopens and conducts the post-rental inspection. 

Protection Products

Your rental agreement will include the following protection products: 

Damage Waiver (DW) - Excess will apply
Alamo provides Damage Waiver which reduces the costs associated with damage to and/or theft of the Alamo vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Damage and theft responsibility is the full value of the vehicle. Damage Waiver may be mandatory and included in the quote. 

You have the following optional protection products available for an additional charge: 

Excess Protection (EP)
In the event of damage and or theft, an excess is applicable which varies depending on vehicle type. Excess protection will cover £1100 of damage, subject to terms and conditions of the rental agreement. The following excess amounts apply:

All Cars - £1200
Mini MPV's and MPV's - £1350
Premium vehicles, SUV's & 4x4's - £1600

Excess protection is an optional coverage that allows the renter to reduce the excess responsible by £1100 for £16.55 per day including VAT and Premium Location fees. 

This can be added at our rental counters so please ask our rental agents for more information on arrival. 

Roadside Assistance (RAP)

Alamo offers Roadside Assitance Protection (RAP), RAP allows customers to waive all financial responsibility for the following:

  • Tyre & Glass repair or replacement (Except when part of a larger repair)
  • Replacement Key Costs and all recovery and call out charges imposed by our chosen roadside assistant providers as result of a fault caused by the renters error.

RAP does not exempt you from these charges if there is any breach or our rental agreement. The price of RAP is £5.75 

This can be added at our rental counters so please ask our rental agents for more information on arrival.

Equipment Products

This rental does not include equipment products. 

You have the following optional equipment products available for an additional charge: 

Carbon Offset(£ 1.25 / rental)
CO2 Offset is an optional environmental service, chosen at the time of reservation that affords you the opportunity to offset the greenhouse gases emitted by the vehicle when it burns fossil fuel and releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Child Safety Seat(£ 82.80 / week)
Alamo features child restraint systems that conform to government standards. The convertible seat is designed for infants and toddlers.

Sat Nav(£ 89.68 / week)
Need help getting around? Try one of our Sat Nav devices that are now available for hire.

Minimum Rental Requirements

Your rental will be subject to the following minimum requirements: 

Age requirements
All drivers must be 25 years of age or older. Drivers aged 25 to 29 may rent up to a Full-size, Mini MPV and all Vans. Drivers must be 30 years of age or older to rent Full-size MPVs, Premiums and 4x4's. 

Forms of Payment
Unless not required under the terms of your account, renter must pay for the full rental charges plus a deposit of £300 at the time of hire using a major credit or debit card in their own name. Renter then must continue to pay additional rental charges in advance and maintain the deposit of £300 for the duration of hire. 

All major Credit and Debit cards (excluding Solo, Visa Electron, Diners Club and all unembossed maestro/debit/creditcards) are accepted. 

On collection of the vehicle, a £300.00 security deposit will be charged to your card. On acceptable return of the vehicle, the security deposit will be credited. 

Payment is not accepted by either Cash or Cheque. 

All Credit and Debit cards used for payment/deposit must be in the name of the renter. Premium and 4x4s can not be rented using a debit card.

Renter Requirement

Full and Valid Driver’s Licence from country of origin, Passport and credit card in renters name.

Non-EU license holders are required to have an international driving permit if the license is not in English.

Domestic renters must produce a photo ID - passport or driving license.

International travelers must produce a passport, proof of return travel and residency information whilst in the UK.

Renters who wish to use a debit card are also required to produce two proofs of address such as a bank or credit card statement, which is less than 3 months old and may be subject to additional checks. We reserve the right to request additional ID or conduct further ID checks. These may include ID checks with external partners who may check supplied details against databases to which they have access.

Additional Rental Policies

Your rental will be subject to the following additional rental policies:

After Hours Service
Return Vehicle to the car hire park. Please give the keys to the shuttle driver who will take you back to you airport terminal. Vehicles will be checked in during normal office hours.

Cross Boarder Policy
For vehicles travelling to the Republic of Ireland, there is an additional charge of 75 GBP per rental. Please call the branch in advance. Vehicles may not travel outside the U.K. and Ireland.

Mileage Policy
Mileage- all vehicles include unlimited mileage.

Fuel Policy
You will be required to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel provided, pre purchased fuel options maybe available. Please ask on arrival if required 

Additional Driver
There will be an additional charge of 10.00 GBP per day for each additional authorized driver including spouses and domestic partners. 

Additional Charges & Liabilities

You will be responsible for the following additional charges or liabilities if incurred:

  • Additional rental charges for changes you make to the booked rental vehicle, rental period or optional products
  • Damages, theft or third-party liabilities not covered by a protection product
  • Any fines or penalty charges relating to the operation of the vehicle during your rental period, such as parking or speeding fines, plus reasonable administration charges
  • Rental charges for late returns
  • Any legal fees incurred collecting any payments due under the terms of the rental agreement
  • A reasonable collection fee if a vehicle is not returned to the original rental office
  • The cost of cleaning the vehicle if you return the vehicle in a dirty condition

When you complete the rental agreement you will be required to present a valid credit or debit card as security for any charges incurred during your rental. Your signature on the rental agreement will pre-authorise the Rental Company to charge the card for future payments that become due. The Rental Company may also hold a deposit against these future liabilities. In the country of your rental the deposit amount varies. 

Your rental is subject to local traffic laws.