Alamo Options

Child Safety Seat/Infant Seat

Safety-approved. Please request at time of booking car, but you can also request one at the counter. Subject to availability.

Ski Racks

Ski racks available in select locations only.

Prepay for a Full Tank

When you pick up your rental car, it will contain a full tank of gas. For your convenience, we offer two worthwhile refueling options. For the most convenience, prepay for a full tank of gas at the start of your rental. Although there is no refund for unused gas, it's a real time-saver. Very worthwhile - especially when: 

  • Rushing to meet a flight. 
  • Driving during inclement weather. 
  • When the driving area is unfamiliar. 
  • When the local gas stations are inconvenient. 

Refuel Upon Return

You can fill up at a local gas station or have Alamo fill up the gas tank for you on return. 

If you choose to have Alamo fill up for you, you pay for only the fuel used, but at a higher price per gallon than the upfront gas option or what the local gas stations may charge. Worthwhile for: 

  • Those who plan to drive only a short distance and use only a few gallons of gas. 
  • Those who put a premium on convenience. 
  • Business travelers who can benefit from having all their expenses (rental car and gas) on one receipt.

Please note that rentals in the USA and Canada prepay fuel will automatically be added to your rental.